Sheep Farming as a business – where to start?


– Sheep farming: benefits, technology
– Where to start growing sheep
– Basic costs in the organization of a sheep farm
– Income part of the financial plan

There are many ways to make money in the countryside and one of the most popular of them has always been and remains animal breeding, such as sheep. If the business plan for sheep breeding is well prepared, the costs can be minimized without compromising quality, and profitability – significantly increased.

Sheep farming: benefits, technology
When forming a business plan, remember: the most important factor in the calculation of any planned enterprise is consumer demand. Three main products of sheep breeding:
Dairy products

It should be understood: sheep breeding is not the type of activity that will provide a huge profit. Rather, it is a way to get a stable income without large investments and high risks.

Healthy eating

The main advantage of this provincial business is the absence of large primary costs. Even without owning a solid capital, it is quite possible to try yourself in breeding sheep, starting with a small herd. Most often, farmers do just that, and then, as the herd grows, expand the boundaries of the economy.

Where to start growing sheep
When drawing up a business plan, first of all you need to think about how profitable it will be. Therefore, it is not necessary to save on the purchase of sheep, it is necessary to carefully choose the breed, focusing on the recommendations of experienced farmers.

The right choice of primary herd will ensure rapid growth, maximum meat output and minimal susceptibility to diseases. A good breed is, if not a guarantee, one of the foundations of the success of the event. Romanov sheep are very popular. They quickly gain weight, are famous for very tasty meat and high fertility.

Buying sheep is recommended in large specialized farms with a good reputation. If you plan to purchase a large herd, it is better to collect several groups from different farms. Thus, the risk of inter-native mixing will be minimized.

Basic costs in the organization of a sheep farm
Beginners should not start with a large herd. First, it is a huge cost, and secondly, to gain experience and cope with primary problems is much easier with small volumes.

All the calculations given are made for a large herd of 300 sheep exclusively as an example. Since rates can vary according to location and other factors, the figures are approximate.

Primary (one-off) investments
So, the first thing sheep breeding requires is a full-fledged pasture. According to statistics, one individual with subsequent offspring consumes about 1 hectare per year.

No less amount will be needed to tidy up an abandoned farm or paddock. But the main item of expenses, which consists of the business plan, is the acquisition of sheep.

Sales of finished products
In addition to the troubles of raising animals, the question of the sale of products, the main of which – meat. When dealing with a large-scale economy, the problem of marketing should be taken seriously. Potential customers are restaurants, cafes and market traders.

But the ideal option is to cooperate with wholesale meat buyers on a permanent basis. Offering slightly lower prices, they nevertheless provide a stable volume of sales.

In addition, it will be possible to sell wool, skins, milk, sheep cheese. But these specific products are not in high demand, and the price for them, respectively, is small. Therefore, the business plan is profitable to draw up with an emphasis on the sale of lamb.

Thus, the proposed business plan assumes that a sheep farm with a population of 300 sheep should fully pay off in less than two years from the time of opening. It must be said that for a large enterprise it is a fairly short payback period.


Raising Chickens

Chickens have always helped people out in difficult times. If you grow chickens at home, there is always meat and eggs. It is important to say that it is not difficult to grow chickens. Even children can safely participate in the process of growing poultry. If you look at the village yard, there is hardly such a house, where there are no chickens. Chickens are unpretentious birds. They need minimal care as well as some food. In summer, you can keep chickens outside, where they will be grass, insects and sand. This method of holding a bird of ordinary breed is most suitable.

Each refrigerator should have dietary products – egg and chicken meat. Chicken meat does not have a lot of fat, so it is called dietary. In addition, eggs contain a lot of protein and beneficial amino acids.

However, it is worth noting that the meat of chicken grown at home is different from the poultry that was grown on the farm. Homemade chicken is much more useful, as it is grown on homemade products. Farm chickens eat a lot of artificial feed that stimulate their growth, which is not very good.

Domestic chickens carry eggs with bright yellow yolks. The eggs that are sold in the store were torn down by farmers’ chickens. There are pale yolks . This suggests that they have little carotene.